Resizing LVM storage checklist

This is a short note of what to do when you change size of the physical disk an LVM setup, such as the default configuration in CentOS 7.

  1. Modify the physical disk size
  2. Modify the partition size
    1. I used fdisk to delete the partition, then re-create with a larger size
    2. Reboot
  3. Extend the physical volume size
    1. pvresize <path to enlarged partition>
  4. Extend the logical volume size
    1. lvextend <lv path> -l100%FREE
  5. Extend filesystem size
    1. resize2fs <lv path>
    2. #If you're running CentOS 7, the default filesystem is actually XFS, not ext4. In that case:
      xfs_growfs <lv path>
  6. Profit.

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