Use Irfanview in Linux with Wine

IrfanView is a very versatile little program that you can use to manipulate and view image files. I am very familiar with it and often find myself wishing I could use it in Linux. Well, it turns out I can!

There are a few things you need to do. First, install wine

#For debian-based distros
sudo apt-get install wine

After wine is installed, use it to install irfanview

wine iview442_setup.exe

If you get the following error, it means you don’t have mfc42.dll installed:

err:module:import_dll Library MFC42.DLL (which is needed by L"Z:\\home\\nicholas\\Downloads\\iview442_setup.exe") not foun

The solution is to use winetricks to install mcf42.dll (thanks to winehq for the soultion to this)

winetricks -q mfc42

Optionally you can make wine your default image program (or just have it in the list of available image handling programs.) The way to do this is to write a quick script and mark it executable (thanks to linuxquestions for the answer on how to do this)

IRFANVIEW="C:\\Program Files\Irfanview (x86)\i_view32.exe"
for arg
	wine "$IRFANVIEW" "${ROOT_DRIVE}$(echo "$arg" | sed 's/\//\\/g')"

You may need to tweak it a little bit if you don’t have 64bit wine installed.  Save that file somewhere you will remember and then mark it executable with chmod +x.

Lastly, when you right click a file and do open with, simply point it to the above script. The result: wine goodness.

Exclude directories in find command

For some reason I had a hell of a time finding a way of excluding a directory from the ‘find’ command. I finally found a solution that works thanks to this website.

The solution for me was to add the following to my find command:

! -path "<directory to exclude>"

So to find all files modified less than 24 hours ago on my grandmother-in-law’s computer, I used the following command:

find . -mtime -1 ! -path "./AppData/*"

Grandma’s computer runs Windows 7 but I’ve configured Cygwin and ssh so I can use the tools I’m fimilar with. The above command excludes appdata and searches her user profile for all files modified today.