FreeBSD: allow non-root processes to bind port 80

In experimenting with FreeNAS jails I wanted to allow a web service to use port 80. Normally 80 is a high order port reserved for root-level processes for security reasons. Since this is a FreeBSD jail and not a full on system I’m not worried about this.

The command to do so is fairly simple (thanks to this page for information)

sysctl net.inet.ip.portrange.reservedhigh=0

The above command is not permanent; to make it so add it to /etc/sysctl.conf:

echo "net.inet.ip.portrange.reservedhigh=0" >> /etc/sysctl.conf

2 thoughts on “FreeBSD: allow non-root processes to bind port 80”

  1. This worked! Thank you very much for the simple solution.

    I found out IPFW couldn’t redirect traffic to another port unless the kernel had some option compiled in… and of course mine didn’t. So I was in the process of switching over to PF…

    This was so much easier! Cheers!

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