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Batch crop images with imagemagick

My scanner adds annoying borders on everything it scans. I wanted to find a way to fix this with the command line. Enter Imagemagick (thanks to this site for the help.)

I found one picture and selected the area I wanted to crop it from. I used IrfanView to tell me the dimensions of the desired crop, then passed that info onto the command line. I used a bash for loop to get the job done on the entire directory:

for file in *.jpg; do convert $file -crop 4907x6561+53+75 $file; done

It worked beautifully.

Crop pictures with ImageMagick’s mogrify

I recently needed a quick and dirty way to crop the bottom chunk of a large batch of scanned photos. Thanks to Linux and FOSS, this is possible with a fantastic tool known as imagemagick.

Simply install imagemagick to get the necessary tools

#Assuming you have a redhat based distro
sudo yum install ImageMagick*

Once installed use the mogrify tool (part of ImageMagick) to quickly chop the bottom part off:

mogrify -chop 0x45+0+0 -gravity South *.jpg

The above example chops the bottom 45 pixels off of every picture in the directory you’re in. Thanks to this site for the info. Handy.