Install OTRW2 on DD-WRT

Optware done the right way 2 is a set of scripts designed to enhance the functionality of your DD-WRT router. I’ve recently installed it on my parents’ router so I can more or less have a full Linux box running in their house (it makes my life easier.)

The tutorial for install it is pretty comprehensive. These are my notes on the experience.

  • USB devices needs to be ext2 formatted (fat won’t do.) This is because the script makes a bunch of symlinks to that device.
  • Mount ext2 formatted drive as /opt (Services / USB / Disk Mount Point)
  • Reboot router if you made any changesĀ to mountpoints.

SSH into the router and run the following:

wget -O /tmp/prep_optware
sh /tmp/prep_optware

Installation takes some time. Wait one minute after installation complete message and reboot router.

Once rebooted, use the service command to see which services are available. Green means the service is enabled.

service mypage on

Enables the mypage service, but you still have to reboot. Reboot router after any changes to services to enable / disable them.

Small overview of services as taken from dd-wrt forums:

rotate_log = move the log file to /opt/var/log/
pixelserv = addblocking on you network.
unfsd = nfs server
zabbix = zabbix client (useless since its included in kong build)
pound = reverse proxy which you can use since you host multiple sites
sshhack = block ips hammering ssh with incorrect credentials.
stophack = BLock ips which are trying to hack server (only combined with pound or vlighttpd)
stophammer = block ips which are hammering ports
nzbget & transmission for downloading.
fixtables rearranges the firewall entries

A full explanation on how otrw2 enhances your router and what each package does is located here.

All in all, pretty straightforward once you get the right filesystem on your media and have it mounted on the right mountpoint. OTRW2 gives your router a whole lot more usefulness and the ability to install a wide range of packages on it.



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