Install Cinnamon on a Wily chromebook chroot

I recently installed Ubuntu Wily Werewolf 15.10 as a chroot on my Chromebook Pixel 2. The process wasn’t as straightforward as I thought it would be so I will document it here.

First, I followed my own guide on how to set up a crouton chroot. The install would not complete – it was complaining about gnome-session-manager. I had to install the chroot with no GUI. This is the command I used (I specify a specific mirror to use because it’s much faster)

sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -r wily -t touch,extension,keyboard,cli-extra -e -n cinnamon -m

Once the initial chroot was set up, I installed cinnamon:

sudo apt-get install cinnamon-desktop-environment

After all that was installed, I followed my own guide on configuring cinnamon. I placed the following script in /usr/local/bin/startcinnamon on my chromebook (not the chroot)



Wraps enter-chroot to start a Mint session.
By default, it will log into the primary user on the first chroot found.

Options are directly passed to enter-chroot; run enter-chroot to list them."

exec sh -e "`dirname "$0"`/enter-chroot" "$@" xinit

And I placed this file within the chroot, in my home directory:

echo "exec cinnamon-session" > ~/.xinitrc

I started by issuing the command

sudo startcinnamon

I noticed things didn’t look quite right. It turned out I was missing some icons.  Fix this by installing them:

sudo apt-get install gnome-icon-theme-full

I then discovered gnome-terminal wouldn’t run – it would simply crash on exit error 8. I discovered that it was due to missing locale settings. The fix was found here, which involves installing the gnome language pack and setting your locale.

sudo apt-get install language-pack-gnome-en
sudo update-locale LANG="en_US.UTF-8" LANGUAGE="en_US"

To instigate the changes you must exit all chroot instances.

That was it! After that bit of tweaking I have an Ubuntu 15.10 chroot working pretty well on my Chromebook Pixel 2.


4 thoughts on “Install Cinnamon on a Wily chromebook chroot”

  1. Hey, I’m curious about trying this distro, as I find I get a lot of graphical glitching in trusty on the Pixel 2, mostly because of depreciated intel drivers.

    How is the performance on wily?

    1. The performance is great! The graphical glitches of Trusty on my Pixel 2 was my motivation to try Wily. There is still mouse cursor corruption on occasion. The quickest fix is to simply open up a terminal window, move the mouse inside the boundary of the window, and start typing. It fixes the mouse cursor. Alternatively you can activate the lock screen and upon unlocking the mouse cursor corrects itself. I’ve been running Wily on my Pixel 2 for a month now and am quite satisfied with it.

      1. Hrm, I think I’ll try this then. I’dd admit I’m still fairly new to Linux as a whole, but your guide interests me.

        How much of the commands are entered from within the distro vs in the chroot terminal in the ChromeOS side?

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