Updating Zimbra to latest version

Recently a remote code execution bug came to light with Zimbra. It prompted me to update to the latest patch. I had some e-mail deliverability issues afterward. Here are my patch notes:

  • Download the latest version from https://www.zimbra.com/try/zimbra-collaboration-open-source/
    • Follow instructions as listed here: https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Zimbra_Releases/8.8.15/P32#Redhat
  • Untar downloaded file, cd into directory and run ./install.sh as root
  • Re-install latest patches (I had frustrating 500 errors until I discovered this was the fix)
    • sudo yum reinstall zimbra-patch
  • Re-do any customization you’ve done to zimbra core
    • https://techblog.jeppson.org/2022/08/configure-zimbra-to-use-anymxrelay/
    • In my case, it was adding these lines to the smtp-amavis section:
    -o smtp_tls_security_level=none
    -o smtp_tls_wrappermode=no
  • Restart Zimbra services
    • sudo -u zimbra zmcontrol restart

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