Fix no internet in pfSense OpenVPN

I came across an issue with pfSense where I had created an openVPN connection but it would not work with internet traffic. The VPN connection established fine and I could connect to all internal hosts, but all internet traffic simply didn’t work. I checked the firewall logs and there were no firewall denies.

After scratching my head for a while I came across this post which suggests it might be due to the fact that there was no outbound NAT defined for the VPN network I created.

I went to Firewall / NAT / Outbound and sure enough, there was no outbound NAT rule for my VPN network. I manually created it for my VPN network and voila! Internet over the VPN!

4 thoughts on “Fix no internet in pfSense OpenVPN”

  1. HI, i try everithing and any outbound rules.
    Could you pls send me how you made the rule, so i can try ythe same. I know is an old post, but i can’t find a solution

    Best regards

  2. Hi, could you provide more detail,
    Step by step instruction how to connect internet over OpenVPN pfsense.

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